I first met Rosanna in RMT Bookkeeping February 2016. We were both visitors at a business network and I kept her card. I don't know why I specifically kept her card.

I had been running a hobby business and doing all the things by myself and thinking I was pretty good at it. When I did my tax that year, my accountant demanded to know who had "done my books", because they were less than ideal (true language has been censored).

Later that year I took my business from hobby to full time. I needed a bookkeeper, and who do you think I called? Of all the things in my business that I've outsourced, engaging RMT has been one of the best decisions and is now my longest standing contract.

In those early days I didn't need a fully featured system and Rosanna offered several suggestions to suit my budget. She showed me how to set up things up and how to do a lot of the entry. At the end of the first quarter I thought I'd done all the things (instead of asking questions I'd asked the internet) - I had not reconciled a thing - merely changed the name of a transaction in the ledger.

Even with errors like this, not once have I ever been made to feel foolish. Even when all I want to say is, it's my business, it's my money I want to spend it how I want!

When Rosanna says that her team do things correctly, it is absolutely true. I'll get a gentle phone call or e-mail asking what something is, why it's been put somewhere. That includes assisting small business owners who want to maintain a level of control, or who are not yet ready to hand everything over.

RMT has seen my turnover triple in the last 3 years including the introduction of payroll.

I'm thankful and grateful for the assistance and guidance shown by RMT Bookkeeping to Myomasters. We are good at our craft and RMT are exceptional at theirs. And that's the way it should be.

David Clayton - Myomasters Massage

When you have a bookkeeper for 15 years it means that you are happy with the service.

In 2004 I was running 20 MYOB ledgers, a lot of companies, and required someone who could work multiple ledgers, juggle funds between bank accounts, be reliable and efficient. This came about as I sold a large business and my accountant stayed with new owners.

Rosanna from RMT Bookkeeping has proven to be all of those, her accounting and business knowledge has been invaluable over the years.

We still have 15 MYOB ledgers, Rosanna controls Staff, Accounts payable, Receivable, Payroll, Business Activity Statements, and much more.

As a busy business man, I am happy to leave things in the hands of my trusted Bookkeeper.

Her ability speaks for itself, if you need a Bookkeeper contact Rosanna from RMT Bookkeeping.

Fred Bolderoff - Adelaide Eco Bins

We want to tell you how we do not know how we would have got through the past year without help and support from Rosanna and her team at RMT Bookkeeping.

We feel you are not just doing our books and keeping us compliant, but you are a part of our family, and are always there for us.

We just feel so lucky to have Rosanna from RMT Bookkeeping looking after us. Our English is not the best, but she has patience, and always time to understand what our needs are.

RMT Bookkeeping has been looking after us since 2013, during this time we have seen good times and bad- when we lost our crop to a disease it was a devastating year, but RMT and her team were there to help us through.

RMT is not only looking after my horticulture business but now two other entities which we have acquired over the past 4 years. We trust RMT with everything- she totally runs my business, paying all the
accounts, Payroll, Business Activity Statements, and works close with our Accountant to keep us compliant.

If you need a bookkeeper I highly recommend RMT Bookkeeping.

Seang Leng Heng - Burn No Fresh Produce

Rosanna Thank you very much, your detailed instructions were fantastic,
We have never had a bookkeeper before who makes us feel like, we are understanding what we are doing and why we are doing it.
We really appreciate how you are always willing to help us with any situations, and we are so glad to have you as part of our team.

Joanne Zagari - Musolino Group of Companies

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